List divide - list combine

Hi Everyone

I am trying to use Dynamo to replace some characters in my Sheet Number, by dividing the number, and trying to combine again. But I have missed something basically, or I dont understand something - it doesn’t work.
Can anyone help me along the way?

I think the my nodes also explains what i want…

Could you post desired output? Or input-output

@K.Kvistgaard Hi,

Could you have a code block adding each input and manually putting in the hyphen?

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Thank you guys, for quick feedback!! :slight_smile:

And thanks Lknapton, that was exactly what I was looking for…

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my desired output is like this:
[0](Element name or id , (x, y, z) )
[1](Element name or id , (x, y, z) )
[2](Element name or id , (x, y, z) )

Joe start a new thread. The question isn’t clear as to what you’re trying to do.

sorry sir
my question is in this topic : Getting Elements That Have Points Inside Their Boundingbox