Combine list

I want to make a new list.
First of all, the decimals from the “String from object” node, i want them gone.
I tried so split string, but that dosent work.
Second, i want to combine two lists by index. With the lists of names i left bottom corner.
Third, i want a text between the number and the name.
The result should be something like “1 stk. af Badekar” from both list index 0.


I would probably just do like so… without using the “string from object” node…
If you’re outputting doubles however it would look like this:

And if you want it can be further simplified:

The reason your string split isn’t working is that the separater0 input is supposed to be what character you want to separate by, in this case the “,”. See below:

There was something I was curious with String.Remove. It’s help text says that count by default will remove everything after the index but the node will not function unless a number is put in.


It does work when put into codeblock… quite curious :stuck_out_tongue: Can you answer if this is a bug @jacob.small?

Thanks it’s worked. :slight_smile:

@Jonathan.Olesen - Definitely buggy as the design script method clears the rest of the characters while the node version doesn’t. Feel free to make a GitHub bug report. If I don’t see one before I finish my current task (sometime Sunday evening) I’ll pick it up.

Good catch. :smiley:

Hi @jacob.small
Sorry for the delay, have been away all weekend :slight_smile:
I’ve submitted the bug on github :slight_smile:

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