List data management - Join list of strings

Hi there,
I can’t even search for this, let me just ask…
See screen cap, its a list of lists. The sub-lists are made of letters (strings).

I need each sub-list to be simply a string. The string is the concat of all the letters of the sub-string.

The sub-lists could be different lengths…

So for example, index 8 in the screen shot should become “FH”, while 11 would be “CCH”…

Thank you!


Attach that node to a python node with this:

list = []
for i in IN[0]:
OUT = list

Or save the headache of having to code that python every time you need it and just use the string.join node, with an empty string as the separator.



Thank you

I often imagine there must be a simple solution to most of my questions, yet, I am always surprised at actually how simple it turns out to be… :frowning:

Will Dynamo ever be learnable?

Thank you again



Dynamo is quite learnable once you crack the apparent logic behind it :slight_smile:

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@Giovanni_Succi - Have you done the primer, skipping nothing no matter how trivial it looks yet? There are a few examples of this node in use in an early chapter, in almost the same way you’re using it.

If you have, then it may just have been learned and lost due to lack of use. I often find myself going back and finding ‘oh yeah!’ moments and nodes in my own work. The program is just really, really big. As a result ‘knowing’ it all isn’t likely a reasonable expectation, nor is ‘knowing’ every AutoCAD command, or Revit API call. Knowing how to find it is.

I mean even professional athletes train the basics every day so they don’t forget. :slight_smile: