Strange output from Ceilings!

Hello, is there any reason to get different results for ceilings when getting it’s type name?


























As you can see when I use the getparametervaluebyname I get a different result than the one listed on the element parameters (item 21). When I try this method with walls it works as expected (Item 13). Already tried with floors too and worked.

I already got what i want by wiring another getparametervaluebyname after this one and asking for the Type Name but i don’t want to have to use a different logic for ceiling every time i need the Type value. And it seems to me this is not correct. Is it the expected behavior for ceiling, is it a bug or i’m doing something wrong?

Thank you.

It’s because type appears several times under its parameters. Use Element. type from package clockwork in conjunction with for type name.













Hi John thank you for your help and sorry for the long time to respond. But, as you can see, element.type gives me the same values than getparametervaluebyname. Still don’t understand that.

Hi Gustavo,

Try “LunchBox Get parameter Value” node. Good Luck!

Thank you Kulkul and Vikram. Kulkul’s method worked but only with a list. For some reason when i use select geometry it doesn’t work.


For what I need it’s enough.





Vikram’s solution didn’t worked for me. Don’t know if I did something wrong.







Thank you both again.


Ah, it makes sense! Thank you Vikram.