Error with Get Parameter Value by Name for Type Parameter

I have been trying to get the type parameter “Width” from a linked wall and successfully get some and not able to get others. I use “Element.GetParameterValueByName” and Archi-lab_Grimshaw’s “Element.Type” node. I am not quite sure what causes this error. Please see the following images.

Any luck trying the OOTB node Element.ElementType?

May be second one inplace wall.

Hi Vijay
Thanks for reply. Both walls are system family walls.

Here are OOTB methods

Hi Vijay,

Thanks. Unfortunately I still have the same error. See the following image.

Can you send the sample file? only with needed walls

Hi Vijay,

Please download the files from the following link. Thanks


Ok, the problem is it’s not pulling types correctly from the linked model. The wall that it does get the value for correctly is because an identical wall type exists in the main model. You’ll have to find a different node (or some designscript or python) to get types from a linked model. Clockwork’s “Element.ElementType+” will do this.

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I will try and let you know…

Hi Hamish

Thanks a lot . It works with “Element.ElementType+” node from clockwork.