How to get ceiling Type by name?

Hello everyone!! I am the first post in the Dynamo forum!
I have a problem.
I want to get ceiling type by name, but is no “Ceiling Type.By name” node available,
And now I just can have filtered the text, the “Element SetParameterByName” is Not working.
I used “Wall Type.By Name” ago because the issue is about the wall. And now I need to import the excel into the Ceiling. Thank you very much

Dynamo2.0_Data import Paramater_2.0_Ceiling.dyn (173.1 KB)

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I think the filter was feeded with the wrong values.
You need always true and false (1/0) to filter elements

Thank your reply first!!
But it still can’t apply to “Element.SetParameterByName”.
I don’t know it needs what format.

you mean that?

what do you get from the excel?

Yes!! I am tying.

oh! The excel my employee will do for me and I will attach it here for your try.
FSB-OG-MSF-ARC-0758A _(C1).xlsx (10.5 KB)

Many Thank!!! Draxl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: