Get Parameter Value By Name = Type

Hello everyone,

For Walls and Wall sweeps I was listing the value’s of the Type Parameter of these elements. And with get parameter value by name it gives back the value I want for Walls, but for Wall sweeps it gives back ElementType. And that’s not the value I want :open_mouth:
What am I doing wrong?

Tnx very much, Berend.

You could get the value you need with an Element.Name node

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I used the Element.Name+ node from the Clockwork package.
This one seems to do the right thing for all types.

which types doesnt Element.Name cover?

as @Yna_Db wrote, I would also go for Element.Name

For anyone interested in this issue with Element Name written with a point, here is a workaround:

Yes it is super annoying with the link to that site… but hopefully everybody knows that it is the node Element.Name we mean when writing it in a text :slight_smile:

Definitely, but as you can see, people are actually clicking on it and we don’t know yet why it happens…

apparently… I hope that someone can do something about it :-S

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back to the problem… I still cant figure which cases Element.Name shouldnt provide what @Berend_Prinsen asks for. In my opinion did you @Yna_Db solve his problem.


@erfajo is totally right, could you please elaborate on your answer?

Sorry for the late reaction, but had a long weekend :sweat_smile:

Hope the picture below shows the problem I’ve had with the element .name and what fixed.

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hi @Berend_Prinsen,

what you are doing is nogo… thats why it looks like failing.

in your case

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Hello @erfajo,

I don’t know if what I’m doing is a nogo, because if I’m doing it like you explaned, I don’t get what I think I should :sunglasses:

If I’m reading your red lines correctly, I should connect the list directly to So I did, and it looks like it’s working for the 3 categories in the previous example. But if add some more categories I get some that don’t work. In this case Stair (see red dot)

I need the value that is at the Green dot, so I’m sticking with getparametervaluebyName or Element.Type (gives the same result) + the Element.Name+ node.

The more I experiment, the stranger I find that with getparametervaluebyName I get outcomes like ElementType and StairsType. In my opion that is not the value of the parameter, but some sort of description. I think it should give the values at the blue arrows.

And if the values are supose to be StairsType and ElementType, than for Wall the value should be WallType and not 22_LA_TPG Betonwand 250 mm…

Well the methode I use seems to work for me at the moment. If this changes I will add to this post,

Have a nice day,


I rest my case…

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