Element.GetParameterValueByName for type parameters

I can’t get the values from a number of Wall Elements Parameters.
‘Type Comments’

I’m on Dynamo 1.0
Revit Architect 2015

You’ll need to get the walls’ type element. You could try the “Element.Type” node from the clockwork package.

Here’s how to access all wall types in the project:

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Thank you for that.
I have copied your set up and I get Null Values in my Watch.
Could this be because i am on 2015?

Hi Justin,

You need to change Lacing to cross product. Good Luck!


Righto - The big picture is to export this data to an excell sheet.

I want info from both the Wall Elements and the WallTypes. I guess I need to look up some how?

is there a straight forward way to get the data from the walltype list into the Wall List.

IE if there wall type is Sip 202 Wall - Conc Clad, how do I add the Cost of this wall type into the Wall List?.

Hey Justin,

Like this, perhaps:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Hi Kulkul

Thanks for that.

Just wondering how can I export it to Excel?

it looks good on Watch but the excel is empty after exporting…


Hi @junyaoy

Could you drop image of your graph so that it helps us to find your problem.

hi Kulkul

thanks and I actual solve that but had another problem.

As shown on Pic, Top part will be revit to Excel and I try to connect excel back to revit. but the note highlighted in yellow warning something wrong with that…

do you know how to due with that?

Thank you

@junyaoy Please start a new topic showing error message at Element.SetParameter node.

Hi Kulkul

I started it as a new topic. please come and share any possible reasons and solutions.


It seems I get only instance parameter values “Comments” and “Mark”, but I don’t get the Type parameter “Keynote” value (it prints as blank). Can you reason why is it so and give an example how to fix it to get both Instance and Type parameter values in the list?

Thanks. What type of nodes would you use to get specific parameter values out?

You may use List.GetItemAtIndex node to pull out a specific parameter values.