Startup time DynamoPlayer

Dynamo and DynamoPlayer save a lot of work. But the wait time before DynamoPlayer is ready to run is getting slower and slower. I just used a stopwatch and it took me over 50 seconds béfore i could run a script.
Does anyone else have similar problems? And what should you take into account to make DynamoPlayer faster?

We have this problem in most of the Revit versions. We currently use 22, 23, 24
I understand that the number of packages (perhaps specific ones) is decreasing slightly. But using packages is also a fun part.
I understand that the depth in a network environment where Dynamo has to look should make a difference. But we’ve had all our packages and scripts on a shared network location before without any problem (8 levels deep). Currently the packages are local and 3 levels deep in a remote desktop environment. The scripts have not been moved. Maybe I can change that.
Of course, a third-party solution like Orchestra can make a difference. But I would like to have a native solution before we are forced to change.
Maybe specific antivirus settings will make a difference, but I don’t know what.
The network hardware itself can have some impact. But if that were the problem, I think we would have more problems working with Revit in 10,000 m2 buildings. And I’m not aware of any other problems.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this? We’d love to hear them

It’s rarely “slightly”. The number of packages tends to slow things exponentially from my experience. Packages have to load nodes and libraries and each library has to be checked for compatibility against any other loaded library (in Revit, not just Dynamo). Compatibility warnings will also slow things down and these are very common.

The best thing you can do is limit the number of packages you have. We even limit the packages to specific nodes in our standard library for certain packages as we only need a few out of the dozens loading in. Yes, packages are great for development, but in most cases you should be trying to reduce their use whenever possible.

Also, Player tends to load many things into memory after the first instance. So it’s only “really” slow the first time. It should be faster on consecutive loads within an instance of Revit. But that’s not always very helpful.


Copy all packages and the Dynamo graphs to the users local disc (likely the %appdata% folder for both). This will make loading packages and opening graphs as effective as they can be. Beyond that reducing the packages deployed would be the next step. After that removing ALL conflicting add-ins will also help.

Sadly a lot of Revit stuff has to happen to use Revit, some of which can prevent smooth start up of player - the context which you were working in matters.

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