Speed/Performance Issues w/ Network Package Location

Hi all -
I recently switched from keeping packages local to using a central network folder so that other users could access common packages, but there seems to be a huge difference in open time for both Dynamo and Dynamo player since I have done this. Dynamo used to open up in <1 minute, and now takes anywhere from 2-5 minutes to open. No other Dynamo settings were changed, just package location. Is there something else going on, or is this a common issue w/ using a networked package location? Scripts still run fine once Dynamo is open.

Network packages doesn’t really work well. Updating them is also complicated since the dll gets loaded by each users.
I strongly suggest to synch them locally or better (shameless plug here!) use www.orkestra.online


Here is a direct quote from the Dynamo known issues:

If the network drive pointed to by “Manage Node and Package paths” is > 1TB in size loading Dynamo may take a minute or more, irrespective of actual package size. We recommend drive size of 100GB or smaller.

We never advise our clients to use that method because it is so bad. (wait until you are trying to update packages and some user left their revit open and you can’t update).

We generally tell people to sync the packages locally with logon scripts or other ways.


Hmmm…good to know. Back to copying scripts to local users!