Dynamo Player and Load times

I currently have a bunch of dynamo scripts all player enabled. But the amount of time it takes for player to open, and to get to the inputs of the specific tool is impacting there adaptation and effectiveness. I’ve used the Tuneup package to optimize the scripts where I could. but I think it’s the initial loading time that’s affecting things.

I currently have the tools placed on a fairly fast network location, as well as the packages for consistency. Should I be setting these up locally on the users drive? Are there other things I can do with the individual tools, graph storage, or program settings, that would decrease there load times or make things run faster?

Thank you

If things are slow to load, the first suggestion is going to be moving all package references to a local user drive.

That being said, the more packages you have the slower Dynamo will load. This grows exponentially because each library loaded has to check compatibility against every other library in Dynamo and C3D. Packages with multiple DLLs or shared references will have a larger impact as well. (This also means that C3D add-ins can also be a major problem - be sure to test them as well.)

I always suggest that those managing Dynamo content (especially for anything more than a handful of shared scripts) should try to use as few custom packages as possible. Look for packages that can cover multiple common nodes and use those rather than hand picking from multiple packages. Also, use custom nodes to identify solutions and prove your logic before rewriting or simplifying as much as you can.

This is the work that comes with managing and supporting a Dynamo library and custom package resources. It’s a continual learning process.

EDIT: Changed Revit to C3D since you’re dealing with C3D specifically, but as Jacob clarified: this would be relevant to any hosted environment.

Just to confirm: Civil 3D or any other hosted instance’s add-ins also impact this content. More add-ins/customizations always results in slower load times.

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Sorry for the delayed response.

Thank you for your help. I’ll try to sort out a way to move the select packages I use to the user hard drives and keep them up to date.