Square symbol next to the lacing symbol on nodes

Hi Seniors,

I am new to the Dynamo and learning a lot from the forum.
Today I realised that there is a symbol next to the lacing symbol on some of the nodes and could not figure out what that is, how to use it.

The examplar script is for making a hardscape to follow the topography.
But it results with only a single boundary point being aligned to the topography.
The only difference between the examplar script and mine was that little square symbol and I assumed the answer might be there.
Much appreciated in advance with any ideas!


Which version do you use?

The nodes you see are nodes from older Dynamo version.


Jan Willem

Hi JW,

Thanks for the response.

It says its up to date, it is.


That’s the reason you dont see the “old” option.
What do you want to do?

I see!

So I want my floor to follow the topography.
Here is the link I was following.

Like this?
Floor topograh.dyn (6.6 KB)

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Thanks JW,

Automatic Lacing did the magic :slight_smile:

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