New IF Node dyn2.12

Hey guys,

So when I’m using dynamo 2.12 in revit 2022 I suddenly get the message that the old “IF” node has changed and will not be usable in future dynamo versions. Do you know how I can get the same results as the old IF node? See picture below

I’ve tried lacing, but doesn’t work.

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I would always use Scope.If+ from Clockwork. It works better.

Clockworks Scope.If+ gives the same results as the new OOTB IF node. I cant get the results from the old IF with the clockwork node. Can you? Can you maybe post a screenshot?

Got the result in the new if node with some lacing tests. Still dont have lacing under control every time. Thanks for your time and help :+1:

You should then activate “Keep list structure”

Thanks. That solved it :smiley: !

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Still had some problems with the old script. It seems the old IF node also cycles to keep list structures and the new one doesnt. Too bad they changed it so much.

Use please [1],[2] and [3]
The lists must have same level

or Lacing.Longest:


I’ve already solved it with the help you gave first. I put a cycle in the script to count the first list make the 2nd one the same level. Just wanted to show that the 2 nodes work very differently.

How about adapting lacings? Does it work with old one, too?

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The old one doesnt have lacing or levels. The way I used it in my scripts it didnt need them. The auto function worked perfectly for what I needed. And it kept the structure of the biggest list, cycling the element if the other list was smaller.