Node Lacing not working properly

Hi all,

Testing Dynamo use on our computational nodes (windows server 2012) and I noticed a script doesn’t work properly on in that environment but works fine on my Windows 8 machine. What is the easiest way to demo this issue for the dynamo team? Do you have a way to test that or should we set up a call somehow?

I’m using the release candidate 0.8.1 and the node in my script with the problem is Geometry.DoesIntersect with the lacing set to cross-product. I am getting double the number of interesections on the Server 2012 computational node than I do on the Windows 8 laptop. Same script, same file. The only difference I just noticed between the two is the version of Revit. One is R2 update 6 (the one that works on my laptop) and our node is R2 update 7 (the one that doesn’t work). I’m currently trying to get update 7 on my laptop to test if it’s a Revit version issue.

Is there anyone that has seen this issue before?

ok, by way of update. I updated my laptop to Revit 2015 R2 Update 7 and the script still worked file. It seems to be an environment issue, best I can tell. I also tested the script on Windows 7 laptop with Revit 2015 R2 Update 7 and it did the same thing as the computational node machine (windows server 2012), so now I’m wondering if it could be something to do with other packages I have installed on my local machine that is making the cross product function properly.

I’d be happy to demo this to the dynamo team if you don’t have a good way to test it directly. Please let me know!

another update. Since I could only get the script to work on my laptop, I decided to login in to my laptop as a new user. Same machine, installs, etc. but fresh dynamo since packages are per user. Installed only the two packages I needed (clockwork and lunchbox) and the script failed to work properly. So now I will be installing packages until I figure out which one is causing it to work (opposite of what you would think).

Hi all,

I’m very sorry, it turns out to be a completely separate issue. In my script, I had one number node set to “0.0001”. Unfortunately, number units default in dynamo to 3 decimal places, which was one less than the number I put in, so it reset my number on other machines to 0, causing the script to report inaccurate results.