Sprinkler pipe sizing

Dear Dynamo Team,
is it possible to create program to auto sizing sprinkler pipes according to their sprinkler quantity they serving to.

For example:
from 0 to 3 sprinkler pipe size should be DN25
4-6 sprinkler pipe size should be DN32
7-12 sprinkler pipe size should be DN 40


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Maybe is that useful for you ?


Dear Memet,
thanks for your message. Unfortunately the code is not visible in this video. How can i get this?


First of all i didnā€™t draw sprinkler in fire protection system. Because you canā€™t calculate flow value in fire protection system so i set the pipe system to hydronic system and set all sprinkler flow value to ā€œ1ā€.
This way i can see how many sprinkler connected to the pipe.

So i use ā€œelementgetparameterā€ to get flow values on pipes and change pipe diameter according to sprinkler quantity by ā€œelementsetparameterā€.Try it with this way if you fail i will help you again.


Dear Memet , thanks for your efforts.But is it possible to set a flow value for a sprinkler ?

Dear Memet,
I impressed by your idea, It works for sure, but could you please give me a brief explanation about your code? Or is it possible for you to share it with us?
Thanks in advance.

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I would actually suggest making your sprinkler connectors and sprinkler systems as ā€˜Domestic cold waterā€™ so that they use Fixture Units instead of Flow. Flow has units, so if someone changes from l/s to m3/h it will no longer have a value of 1. Fixture Units are always a unitless number value.

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Thanks Memet,
Great work. Can you please share the code with us.

Can you please send the dynamo script?

try this Automated Fire Sprinkler Pipe Sizing_FINAL.dyn (49.2 KB) and show us your results. For those who downloaded.

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it doesnā€™t open ā€¦corrupted file

use dynamo 2.0 and above

I canā€™t understand . i draw 10 sprinkler but it give the same diameter 32

When i am adding flow to sprinkler it is not getting reflected in the pipeā€¦Can you tell us the custom packages used in your scriptā€¦Thanks in advance