Automatic pipe sizing in Revit using Excel and Dynamo

I would like to make the sprinkler automatic pipe diameter. code I wrote, what mistakes are there? thank you

What does the error message say on the excel.readfromfile node?

I destroyed the excel faults. I have to do pipecurves in the top categories, but I can not do it. Pipe does not merge excel file, only excel file.

asd.xlsx (9.9 KB)

No categories pipecurves. know how to find it

Can you post the graph image after you run it, a copy of the .dyn file, and a simple Revit file to test on?

Thank you, I am sending

5.yangın tesisatı çaplandırma.dyn (12.8 KB)
asd.xlsx (9.9 KB)

It is a very interesting script! But it stops on “Math.round” at home.Capture
It is my first hacking of node :slight_smile:

How will you do resize of pipe fittings ?

I would like resize some diameters with pre-calculate to excel file ! Or resize with equation (formula Flamant : (0,25*(square root(total FU (fixute units) ) .that 's it used in my country! But the last solution is too complicad for me on dynamo ! At the moment, I have the same file as the one of above topic !

I prepared a table based on the number of excited sprinklers. will vary according to the diameter corresponding to the number of sprinklers connected to this table.

There’s actually a solution on youtube. I prepared this dynamo by looking at that video but it is not working.