Change automation pipe diameter by excel!


Hello :slight_smile: !!!

Can you help me?

By picture, I created a pipe system with sprinklers, but i can’t change pipe size automaticly.

I don’t know package for Sprinkler by flow, I had searched but it is not.


SP FLOW.xls (22.5 KB)


Hi lenhat, judging from the picture, did you perhaps connect your input to the node incorrectly?

From your code example, it seems to me like your input to “parameterName” and “value” should be switched.
See image below

Additionally, I am not entirely sure what your python script actually achieves? The one you uploaded seems to just give “0”, regardless of what you put in your Excel sheet.

Hope it helps!


Hi there,

I’ve modified your script and now it is working for pipes. The thing is that you have to go back to revit, select all pipes and reapply type in order to get the correct pipe fittings after apply this script with dynamo because you are just changing pipe diameters, not pipe fitting diameters.




i could not find manage.Remove Nulls
could you map where is the this node thanks


Hi there,

Try to use those ones: