Automatic pipe sizing Using Flow in Fire,water and Drainage

Pipe sizing using dynamo 2018.dyn (23.1 KB)

Fire piping system

Hello Masters,

Greg here from Philippines,

I just successfully created a script using Flow in the piping to size automatically according to IF statement condition .
My problem is How to Isolate the automatic sizing per System Name only.

  1. System Name “CHWS 1” only to be automatic size
  2. System Name “CHWS 2” only to be automatic size and So on.

I have been reading all your blogs and post So far soo good.
“Growth is not automatic. If you’re going to grow, the only way to do so is if you’re intentional about it.”

Thanks for your help.

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Hi there,

I’m not sure, but could you try to do this modification?

Ok sure thing. thanks

Could you complete the script image I am stuck in the == node. Please

Don’t know why you use == node:

Dear all,
It is ok, the code works for pipes but fittings do not upgrade with pipes. They still stay the same.
Is there a solution for that?


All pipes and pipe fittings is updated once you run dynamo. May select the correct pipe fitting or replace it.

@gregorio.palermo…How to transfer flow from sprinklers to pipes? What are the settings for sprinklers used?..Thanks in advance