I have an issue with a node Springs.Element.MeshGeometry
This now for some reason just doesn’t want to read one element which Exported IFC element from Tekla.
More over I have hundreds of other elements like this and this node handle them very well. But when this strange element come to the selection with other elements this Node simply stop working. And it doesn’t show any errors.Gives just nothing. Any ideas what is that ?
And maybe you can advise me some other packages that can read the meshes. Because basic Dynamo nodes can not read this meshes at all.


The packages i use for Mesh geometry are MeshToolkit and SpringNodes ( but i’m still on 1.3x)
@Dimitar_Venkov creates the SpringNodes package, maybe he can help

As Marcus suggests, perhaps the MeshTookit can help?


Hope that’s useful,


This way crushes the session :slight_smile:

I can give you the file if you want.
Do you know any others packages that can read IFC meshes directly from the selected elements ?

Hi @m.shcheblykin

Could you please drop rvt file here.

Mesh semple.rvt (1.5 MB)

Here it is.
Element with Red color is a problem maker.

@m.shcheblykin Not for me:

But how can i filter them? Meshes from solids.
The Node Object type gives direct shape for all.
Element geometry Node crushes when I select meshes.

I think i know how I can filter them now with get solids Node…

Thanks a lot for your help!

You can use object.Isnull node:



I don’t know how big your project(s) are, but when these operations become large, meshing individually can get very slow.

I would mesh just 1 of a particular size and copy it around. This might also help avoid any corrupted elements.

Hope that helps,


Edit: it’s possible that if you get the parameters of the nulls and their location points and rotations, you could copy an adjacent one into the new position?

Yea. I know this. It’s not only with Mesh Nodes. Some times its faster to go with smaller selection.


Length is 105m