All geometry related node fails for circular elements

This was working fine a day ago suddenly all geometry nodes failed to extract geometry from circular elements(even simple cylinder) and even for walls.
The moment I change the shape to square or rectangle it works fine, I tried the graph on two PCs still
not able to get it to work, Is it a bug or I am I missing something?

here are the files :
SOLIDS.dyn (194.3 KB)

I opened your file, deleted everything except the part you show in the post and I got the same weird errors.
Then I created a new dynamo file and I got no problems:

I guess something is wrong with your dynamo file, but it’s difficult to say what, since many nodes were coming from custom packages that I don’t have.

Ok then tomorrow i will recreate the graph using only common packages and check. Thanks a lot.!

HI @lucamanzoni,
Thanks a lot, It actually had some bug. Once I have recreated the same graph even with the same nodes it is working…!