Mesh output is not accepted using other mesh nodes

Hi all,

I created a mesh using the Mesh.ByPointsFaceIndices node from MeshToolkit package.
However, now that I tried to get the vertices and vertex indices using nodes from the same package, it gave me this error:

Any ideas?

Thank you so much.

Hi @archjahzzy

Springs node has a node called toolkit mesh to convert to Mesh


Mesh.ByPointsFaceIndices isn’t part of the tookit, it’s just part of Geometry… Dynamo also has vertices positions and face indices, if these are what you need?

The toolkit is great, and Springs also has lots of fun stuff :slight_smile:

Happy Christmas,


Edit: I believe that the Toolkit Mesh is more sophisticated than the version that Dynamo uses, though @Kulkul knows inifinitely more about it than me. You’ll find yourself swapping between the 2 a bit :slight_smile:

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