Springs.BrepShape.ByGeometry feat. Element.SetParameterByName

Figure A - I have made panels for my dome by using Spring Nodes package - Springs.BrepShape.ByGeometry. It worked and gave me panels in Revit placed in correct space and with correct material - what is shown in the figure B.

What we also can see in the figure B that no parameters are added. Material is set straightforwardly from Dynamo to Revit, but with no visible sign of it in Properities.

And then figure C - I need to change the material parameter and node Element.SetParameterByName told me that is no one like this.

I thought that somewhere the information about material is lost. Or maybe the material parameter is not even set yet properly. Please, tell me how should add that parameter to all of my Direct Shapes (55 pieces).

I want to set them randomly with some conditions for my genetic algorithm. Two of them from top and next two from the bottom would be made of glass, and the rest would be made of hempcrete. Then I want to analyze every option in Insight and with the help of Optimo chose the best one way of configuration of glass panels.