Material to Solid


I have a question about setting material parameter. Is there any possibility to set such a parameter to Solid (for ex. beam) made in Dynamo? I have tried in let’s say “Family mode” and in “Revit Project mode”, but I cannot do it. I have also tried in Dynamo, but my Solid doesn’t have material parameter, so I don’t know how to change (or set) it. Maybe is there any way?

Thanks a lot for any help! :wink:

You can set the material for an element that has the parameter. You cannot set the material for a Dynamo solid as it doesn’t have any parameters associated with it. You CAN however convert a Dynamo geometry to a DirectShape in Revit and assign it a material.

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Thanks a lot, I have never heard of Direct Shape, it works good. But I have one more question: Does Direct Shape need to look so, well… bad?

No, use the DirectShape node from Springnodes pkg to get better results.

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Thanks, now it looks a lot better but… how now can I set material, if Spring.DirectShape doesn’t have that option and Spring.BrepShape doesn’t work?

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What version of Revit are you using? Does your geometry have any curved surfaces?

I am using Revit 2018 and no, it doesn’t. It’s just simply solid made by loft from 2 PolyCurves (from joined curves).

Not sure why BrepShape isn’t working then. Did you delete the old geometry with the same name?

Yes, I have deleted it and even changed name of the new one. I also checked view menu to be sure that “I see” everything. I don’t know what can be wrong.