Request:Direct Shape/Spring Nodes

the Direct Shape function from the Spring Nodes package works much better than the built in one. But lacks the ability to assign materials to the outputted geometry. This can be good for everyone if added. Unless you can give me a nice workaround :slight_smile: Thanks! Are the next versions going to have an un-meshed output from the DirectShape component? Don’t want to sound negative, but it’s kind of useless when meshed. the SAT method looks to be much cleaner.

Hi Arek, why not drop the Direct shape altogether and try the FamilyInstance.ByGeometry from Spring nodes instead. Then you can assign material as well. Also clean geometry in Revit

as seen below:


Hi Arek,

+1 As Jostein said you can use that method and you can also add parameters to it. Good Luck!

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Omg! :slight_smile: How have I missed this? It totally worked, best part: no category restrictions either.

Thanks a lot guys!

The built-in implementation tessellates the geometry because that is the only way that Revit would allow us to add materials. There was a more detailed discussion on the topic here:

It might be possible to add a control for the level of tessellation, however that might affect file size and performance adversely.


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