Material parameter to Geometry in Family - Spring nodes

I am fairly new to Dynamo and a complete novice with python

The question stems from spring nodes family instance by Geometry it is great but I can’t seem to add a material parameter to the geometry.

I can add a material.

I can create a family with a material and add a project parameter with same material to a project but changing parameter does not change material of family i.e no link between material of the object and project parameter. This is good enough for now as I can schedule by material but if someone changes material parameter it will not change material of object.

I have tried linking parameter into material input. But input is asking for material so no good.

My next thought was to change code to ask for material parameter instead of actual material but don’t know how. Python

This all comes from the need to translate a Rhino facade model into Revit. About 3500 panels and need to add parameters to objects.

I am also thinking about directsshape but you can’t add materials that way either???

Any input would be amazing… Even a point in the right direction

Many thanks