Hi all,

I failed to create a rectangular shaft opening with Spring.Shaft.ByCurves.

It worked on circular boundary, so for rectangular boundary, I figured it requires the boundary as a whole instead of 4 separate lines. Even though, I’ve managed to combine 4 lines into a Polycurve or rectangle. It still failed.

Sry about an extra reply for images. How does this node work ?

Thx in advance.

A big thanks to WombatDynamo.

Though I still don’t understand how Spring.Shaft.ByCurves works, I went for an alternative way for rectangular openings, Opening.ByPathTypeAndLevel. Hope it’s helpful.

Not sure if it should be considered as a solution since it doesn’t explain how Spring.Shaft.ByCurves work but it’s pretty handy.

Have a look at the input type:


The node will work with either a flat list of curves, which will be promoted to a list of lists and use those curves to create a single shaft, or nested lists of curves, which will create multiple shafts, one per each list. There’s a sample file, but it might be a bit dated:

The FloorOpening.ByCurves node works in a similar manner, however you need to provide the appropriate host floor instead of levels.

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I’ll give it a try. Thx, Dimitar!

I like add symbolic for shaft and combine multi shaft small to group big, do we have a way? please