Slab Opening using springs node

please if you can help i am creating a multiple slab openings from an imported CAD file on the same host slab using springs.flooropenings.bycurves
the script runs just fine and creates the openings successfully However
when I try editing the slab edge after modifying any of the openings i get this warning “Opening not cutting anything” and I noticed the openings change its location after editing the slab boundary

Hi @G3my,

Could you share your script so we can take a look?

here is a link for the script and pics to better explain the problem
I have 11 openings (cad file in red lines) as indicated in the first pic
I ran the script and it run successfully then try to change boundaries I get this msg of opening not cutting anything and it shifts them from place and deletes the rest

Hi @G3my,

Try this edit:

Otherwise i don’t know why this happens


You can try this.

thanks for the fast respond

unfortunately, it returns null now as the curves are changed to a polycurve

can you please refer me to the package where I can find the opening.infloorbycurves Node

Curve tells you to enter. It’s not “Polycurve.”

Add the “Polycurve.Curves” node.