Creating openings by Springs.FloorOpening.ByCurves


at the moment I’m using the Node Springs.FloorOpening.ByCurves from @Dimitar_Venkov’s package springs in open02.dyn (11.1 KB) by selecting all of the floors and selecting an imported dwg-file containing the geometries for the openings in order to make openings in the floors.

I create the floors using Creation-05.dyn (3.4 KB) getting their geomteries from the imported DWG-file in Revit: floors.dwg (36.1 KB)

Then I import SH.dwg (28.0 KB) in order to make openings.

But it somehow doesn’t work correctly. The node Springs.FloorOpening.ByCurves creates the openings, but they are not at the right place, the hosting also doesn’t work in my opinion. Would you please take a look at it. Am I missing something?

I would be very thankful.

The most likely reason for this is because the lists of openings and host floors are not in the same order. You’ll need to order the lists in the correct order, before creating the openings. Alternatively, you could consider creating shaft openings. Shafts do not require hosts, just levels.

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…Thank you Dimitar.

Dear Dimitar,

I am using Springs.FloorOpening.bycurves to create openings in floors crossed by columns. Only circles are working for the curves input. Poly-curves and Rectangles are giving null result.

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