Revit Shaft Openings to Solids

Hi, unfortunately in Revit you cant see Shafts in 3d, but sometimes I need to check them, f they intersecting, extend, paint w/ colors, etc. but its prohibited in Revit. So I want to convert them into some solids/voids that can be scheduled, visible, etc.
Have anybody any ideas? I`ve tried, but seems shafts don’t

have geometry, perhaps it can be done via Bounding Box?

Hi, you should be able to convert a bounding box to a cuboid and then use #data-shapes to create the geometry in revit.

Shafts are not necessarily square though. Look into getting the element’s sketch lines.

Have you managed to do so eventually?

Here is the solution for both rectangular shafts and non-uniform shaft openings.



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@Manuel_Araya @Ewan_Opie This is exactly what I’m looking for but it’s not working in Dynamo 2.0.2 in Revit 2019.2. What versions were you working in or have either of you since updated this script to work in later versions of Dynamo/Revit?

@bstrydom Can you post a screenshot of your error? If it is with any of the Springs nodes, then you will need to update your package to the latest edition to work with Dynamo v2.__


I did a fresh install of Dynamo 2.0.2 and that fixed the issue with the bounding box Node fails I initially received. I can now see the preview of the shapes in Dynamo that match the shafts but getting an error in the Direct Shape by Geometry Node “Warning: DirectShape.ByGeometry operation failed. The type initializer for ‘Revit.Elements.DirectShape’ threw an exception.” I also tried Springs version of the same node.

I cannot replicate the issue. You could try the FamilyType.ByGeometry node?