Spring Nodes - Flipping Geometry

Hi good morning all,

I’m trying to import geometry from Rhino to Revit through Dynamo and it’s working well until I try placed it into Revit. Then the normals of the geometry flips to the inside.

I have already tried to explode the geometry in Dynamo, flip normals and join the Surfaces again.
But some of the surfaces converted itself into squares.

This is the revit column with flipped normals, the geometry is there as Brep, but flipped.

Any suggestions?

Seems like those cylindrical faces are getting heavily tessellated and are causing the sat import to fail. Not sure how you can fix this. Tho that geometry is trivially easy to create in Revit and model as a native column. You could create a real family, export only the column positions from Rhino and place the columns with Dynamo.


Thanks for the reply!

We already solve it. Spring nodes doesn’t work very well with Polysurfaces, better to convert it to a solid and then feed the spring nodes component.

Good to hear. I guess it would bemore correct to say that dynamo’s SAT exported works better with solids :wink:

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