How can I use Dynamo Geometry in Revit?

Hello Friends,

I’m new to Dynamo. Up to now I did a lot with Rhino/Grasshopper but Revit/Dynamo is very different to them.

Anyway, I could make a double curved surface in Dynamo.
In Dynamo Preview, it looks continuously and fine.

Now I shoud use this surface as wall in Revit.

I already tried the components


Those components can send Dynamo Surface to Revit Project.

However there are two problems,

  1. The Surface will be tessellated in triangle and quad.
    As far as I know, Revit support also NURBS Geometry. Is there any possiblity that I export Dynamo surface to Revit as it is?

  2. the exported Object in Revit can’t modified any more. For example I want to assign a thickness and material, but modify button is disabled. How can I make a workable object in Revit with dynamo?

Well I guess, it is not a new theme, but I couldn’t found a similar topics in previous :frowning:


DirectShapes are not editable in Revit. For smooth geometry try Springs.DirectShapy.ByGeometry (package SpringNodes by @Dimitar_Venkov). And you could thicken your surface in Dynamo before moving it to Revit (built-in node Surface.Thicken).

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Thank you very much!
You saved my weekend!! :smiley: