Split geometry to insert adaptive component

Hello everybody,

I have created this Mass in Revit and I want to use Dynamo to slip it into horizontal and vertical panels in order to insert an adaptive component by 3 and 4 points. I am still a begginer and I have seen myself in a ocean of packages and information which made me lost the approach. Can anybody tell me the steps I should follow or which nodes are the most appropriated?
My understand is that first of all I have to divide my polysurface by planes (everything ok until here) and then create nurbs curves to get vertical and horizontal division, after that I will be able to manage my panels. Also, I have read here about Spring Nodes, but not really sure If it will be easier working that way. Anyway, any ideas please?
Thanks in advance


Check these video’s. And give some extra attention to the advanced list manipulation chapter.


Also it helps to break the process down into parts before you open Dynamo (or even turn on the computer). It’s like the ‘write me directions to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich’ assignment you may have had in grade school - if you don’t say ‘go get a knife from the drawer’, how can you spread the peanut butter?