Import Surface/Surface UV Grid To Apply Adaptive Components

Hi all, a new day a new problem :slight_smile:
I am creating a surface in dynamo which I want to import into revit. My goal is to create a spacial truss to the by using adaptive points to place along the surface.
My issue is that I am managing to import the surface to dynamo, but when I select the surface it doesn’t give me the option to divide the surface (directly or through conceptual mass and technically the imported surface from conceptual mass I only see the perimeter of the surface and not the surface itself, see attached pics).
What would be the best way to complete this action?

Selected Surface Does Not Give Option To Divide Surface (Through Conceptual Mass)

In Conceptual Mass (And The Same In Revit) No Given Option To Divide Surface

Attached is the dynamo file which creates the surface
Create Surface.dyn (126.6 KB)

*There are a number of custom nodes as the following:

  • ToTwoObjects which is given a list of 2 objects and returns an output for each object.
  • PopFirstAndLast which is given a list and returns an output of the first and last object in the list and a list of the popped list.
  • StartAndEndPointsOfCurve which is given a curve and returns the start and end points.
  • MidPoint which returns the point of the middle of the curve.
  • GroupUVPoints which groups the points of a UV list in groups of four for the placement of adaptive components.