Split Beam at Intersections with Columns

Hi all!
I want to split beams at intersections with columns. The problem is I can’t find exact intersection points between location lines of these elements
I tried to union solids of columns then split location line of beams at this solid. But the result just not like i expect.
I would like to attach my dyn file and Revit file for your help.

Split Framing - ask question.dyn (4.7 KB)

Split Framing.rvt (1.1 MB)


I’ve had the same problem and I solved it using Curve.ParameterSplit instead of Geometry.Split.

I do also use a different way of calculating the intersection (projecting the column centroid to the structural framing location).


Good day, I tried to do it according to what you indicate and I do not know where I’m failing, but I do not work the split, I hope I can help. Thank you.

Hi James,

The images in the posts above show how to calculate the intersection between columns and beams. Once you have split the beam line you need to place the new beams and eventually delete the original one.

Good day and thanks for your help, exactly as you indicate I did not work but you manage to do it, however I was presented with two drawbacks:

  • The old beam is not removed.
  • Does not work if the column is aligned to one side of the beam, which causes me to generate 4 more beams.

Yes, if you want to remove the old beam you need to add a Element.Delete node after the new beams are created.

If the centreline of the column is not aligned with the centreline of the beam I’m afraid you will need to change the intersection method. Maybe projecting the column end point onto the beam curve.

excuse my ignorance, I do not know where to add the delet, on the other hand it is possible to do the split without elminie the old beam and have to create another.

You can this dynamo change.email nhanquyet.utc@gmail.com

Does anyone have " Split Beam and Colunm Script " file? Can you give me, Please?
Thank you so much