Split a curve at intersecting point

Is there any way to split this curves at intersection points.I used “split by point” node. but did not succeed


Please see this post. Not too sure how you are going about this but it should be a good start.

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@shefypattambi Can you post your dyn file. Are you trying to split the columns or the beams?

Hi @Renzoj14 @salvatoredragotta,
Thank you for the replay. I had changed my approch for creating that columns. So the problem now Solved. However pls let me know if you have anything to to cut that column at at intersecting beam. That dynamo graph I overwrited . My workflow was like this. I created a point and using line ByStartPointDirectionLength node a I creted the column beyond it meet the beam. the beam is in a sloped plane.

Thank you. This should help!


Please see file attached. You don’t necessarily need to cut anything but rather set the Top Level Offset of your columns based on the Reference Level Elevation
of your beams and the top of your columns.

On this definition, i’m projection the base point of each column onto the sloping beam. Then using the location of these projected points (z value) I’m subtracting the elevation of the reference level. The resulting value is then used to set the top offset of each column.

I realize that you have more columns but i’m sure you can use this example as the basis for your own script.

Hope this helps!

SetColumnOffset.dyn (9.6 KB)

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