Split Beam by Beam


I have been trying to find informations on how to split a beam with an other beam.

As you can see on the screenshot each beam crosses several beams. I could use the inbuilt “coping” but as it would still be “one beam” the length in the schedules would be wrong.

Blue = cutted beam Red = cutting beam

I was wondering if i could do that using dynamo instead of the old fashion split and trim that takes way too long considering that i have a lot of them.

I didn’t find anything conclusive in the topics here and the closest one to my request would be this one
“Split Beam at Intersections with Columns” Split Beam at Intersections with Columns .
But i’m not convinced by the approach as the part of the beam that is being intersected is not removed (+ couldn’t make the script work :slight_smile: )

I’m not trying to find a ready made solution as i’m a beginner eager to learn but if anybody would have an idea on how to approach the problem?

you should watch on this side, the subjects seem similar at first reading

this one is not bad too,

in fact they are all good, we learn things, methods, tips, if you are thirsty for knowledge, this is the place to be.



Hello @Guillaume_T …here is a way so long your beam is in same elevation if not then intersect the solids from beam find the solids centroid and use closest point to for translate the points to the locationline… another way is follow Christians link and take a look on @c.poupin great way :wink:

Here with add coping gfrom Clockwork



First of all, Thank you @christian.stan and @sovitek for your fast answers.
I started checking your solutions ( and Christians solutions seem a bit to advanced for me still). And I started playing with your solution Sovitek and realized some issues would come up for exemple if the beams are not perpendicular and indeed not in the same elevation. Unfortunately something came up pretty much right away and i had to put that little project on the side. I will be back when i will have the time to thorougly analyze the solution, do a full try/error on my project and come back with a script that makes sense.

Thanks again.

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