Spaces From Rooms Dynamo - Set upper limit of spaces to next non-ceiling level

I have modified a previous Dynamo script posted here to work again by updating the packages and nodes that are tied to it. It works well to create Spaces in the current model from Rooms in a linked model, but I would prefer if the spaces that are created have their upper limit at the next full floor level, and not the ceiling. I have tried to change the python script in the Level.LevelAbove script from archi-lab, but cannot seem to figure out what to check with an if statement to skip over any level with “Clg” in its name.

The current logic keeps from putting spaces on the roof level, which is currently acceptable (future post about that). All help is appreciated.

def GetLevelAbove(e):
	if IN[1] != None:
		doc = UnwrapElement(IN[1])
		doc = DocumentManager.Instance.CurrentDBDocument
	allLevels = FilteredElementCollector(doc) \
				.OfCategory(BuiltInCategory.OST_Levels) \
				.WhereElementIsNotElementType() \

	elevations = [i.Elevation for i in allLevels]
	sortedLevels = [x for (y,x) in sorted(zip(elevations,allLevels))]
	sortedLevelNames = [i.Name for i in sortedLevels]
	index = sortedLevelNames.index(e.Name)

	if index + 1 >= len(sortedLevels):
		return None
		return sortedLevels[index+1]