Creating MEP spaces_questions and problems

Hi All,

I have two questions related to script that creates MEP spaces from rooms.

1. Does that script needs to have MEP levels aligned with architectural levels to work correctly? When I link architectural model inside my file and run the script, Dynamo recognizes all rooms but don’t want to create spaces based on that info. Am I doing something wrong?

2. When I align the levels and Dynamo creates my spaces I have a problem with height of the space.
First picture shows the data inside architectural model where you can see area, height and volume of the room. Please see attached:
Room info

On second picture is related space inside MEP model created by Dynamo script. Height of the space is up to the second level, and definitelly doesn’t correspond to the one in architectural model. The one more mystery is the volume of space…It is calculated correctly, as it is in architectural model even that heigh of the space is not correct. Please see attached:
Space info

Is there any chance that script enters height correctly?

I have also attached the script that I am using:

Best regards, Branimir

See first what has already been published on this topic maybe:

I usually read the Unbounded Height from the Room and then set the Limit Offset of the space to that value.
If the architect has not set the height you can just set the same Floor to Floor height for all the spaces (So they dont overlap vertically) and they will limit their volume automatically when they hit a room bounding floor or ceiling.

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Hi All,

I recreated Dynamo Script where MEP spaces are created from Architectural Room in MEP model. I used help from this forum and Dynamo MEP package.

The problem that I have is with naming of the MEP spaces. When script takes over names from the architectural model they all have numbers at the end, for instance:

In architectural model I have room named “Office” and it has number “22”. When the script copies that into the Space, room is named “Office 22”. How can I modify script that only uses name and not number? See picture for further explanation.


Best regards, Branimir