Sorting schedule as shown in Revit to Excel

it’s a little weird.
doing otherwise

That worked, Thanks! Now I have another question if I may :). If I want to change the data in Excel and import it back to Excel I could do it from row 1 in Excel. But I only need to import the data from row 13 in excel. In Dynamo I could fill in the settings for the start row and column but those settings I can’t see at the “data.importexcel”. I also couldn’t find these information anywhere else on the internet

use List.RemoveitemAt index" to remove unwanted items

Sorry for my late answer. I tried to figure out in the weekend but I really feel like a noob now. I don’t know how to use the remove at index in this situation. Row 12 should be the text in Revit to change the parameters.

I did not understand your worries

I did export the sheet information to excel with your help. Now I’d like to import excel back to Revit with the sheet information on Excel. But without the first 10 rows. That is just project information which I doesn’t need in Revit. Also there is an image in Excel which should not to be export. only the sheet information

just enter the number of the list that corresponds to what you want to delete

Of course! ^^. Will try to do the rest of it by myself. Let you know if I finish it. Thanks.

Hi! I tried one column as an example. I changed the sheet number “MV-00” to “MM-00” in Excel. Now I want to export this to Revit. What goes wrong here? Also I see in “List.GetItemAtIndex” lot of empty spaces from Excel. Can I turn that “null” off?Knipsel4

You change the number of the sheet, so the entry must be an element not a name
also, pay attention to the order during your import

Sorry I don’t get it : (
By which element should it be. Now they indeed say “Sheet Number” is already in use.
I did look on the internet for examples but couldn’t find same situations like this.

If the number exists you can not rename
Solution: first give a temporary number, then inject the true value
you use the SetParameters nod twice

I don’t understand. I use GetParameter once and SetParameter once. Could u maybe show it if you mind?

Yeah but they still say the “String” “Sheet Number is already in use” I just like to change the Sheet Number in Revit from Excel but have the feeling it is not possible?


If it’s possible,
for simplicity, could you send your dynamo