Export excel schedule not behaving as expected

I can’t figure out what i’m doing wrong.
Trying to export an excel of a schedule from elements in my revit model.
The lists seem to be previewing ok in dynamo, but the list gets messed up in the Export to excel node and the file comes out all messed up.
I’m trying to pull parameters from my elements and output a cutting schedule to excel.
This is the workflow i’ve used:

  1. Pick element
  2. Get element category
  3. Get parameter value by name
  4. Create 2 lists- one is just header titles and the other is the values
  5. Flatten and transpose lists
  6. Combine lists by list create
  7. Export to excel

Can’t pinpoint what i’m doing wrong, this is my first script in dynamo!


Your data list is not formatted properly. The list can only have 3 levels. You need to add your headers as a single item to the front of your data list before exporting to excel.

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Fantastic! That helped, Thank you for the quick solution.