Revit Schedule to Excel

Hi guys,
I followed this video from youtube called Aussie BIM Guru : Export a Revit schedule to Excel using Dynamo! - YouTube .
It is a great video. I get all the step until the end but the result is empty in Excel.

You can see there are 2 node that got warning

I attached the overall script

how to solve this yeah?

@amirCKP Change your values input as suggested and you should be good.

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@amirCKP Also Dynamo is case sensitive so TRUE is not equal to true.
So if you wish to see the sorting, I would suggest you change your TRUE to true.


Hi. thank you for your reply.

Its still happen but right now, the excel file is not appear at all.
The error only 1

ExportScheduleToExcel_300721 v5.dyn (49.7 KB)

@amirCKP Please watch the video carefully.

Change your out[0] to out[1] and out[2]

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Thanks for helping out here @AmolShah!

To @amirCKP and anyone else who ever struggles with getting my scripts to work, feel free to check out my reference copy I add to my github as well:

I usually upload these when I release the video even if it’s scheduled, so you can also get sneak peeks into my future videos this way as well if you’re brave enough.

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