Sorting schedule as shown in Revit to Excel

Hi All,

I can’t get solve this. I want to export the Revit Schedule to Excel as shown in the Schedule.
The first column I can sort it as shown but after it I can’t figure out which type of sort by then I have to use. See the picture

Hope ya all can help me.

it’s normal, you just sorted the column of numbers,
you have to sort the set of elements
add List.SortByKey after your elements

Thanks, but still not really how it should supposed to be.

Here is the complete list

look at my capture
it is necessary to recover the values ​​of the sorted elements

Thanks! That worked! Thanks for your fast reactions and help! :smiley:

Is it also possible not to export the sheets I dissapear from the schedule list?

yes you can filter the andirons to the export, add the rules of filtering.
if you already know the sheets, use “List.RemoveItemAtIndex” to your elements

I get lost right now, I want to remove “T-00” and “S”. as a name. Not use a number to remove it because, in other projects it can have a different number if I have more or less sheets. With which and what do I have to connect “List.RemoveItemAtIndex”?

Big Thanks. (ps: I’m new at this and like to learn it)

That’s how you can use “List.RemoveItemAt Index”
if not I advise you the other filter that automatically seeks the leaves to delete

Hi! I don’t really get it what you means with elements as the output from List.FilterByBooMask.
I tried something (see screenshot) but nothing happens. It would be nice if I don’t need the Sheet numbers to delete it because in other projects, the consecution could be different but the name always is equal.

Either one or the other,

I feel we’re close. Now it only shows only two sheets in excel. The other sheets are lost? You’re my hero if this is solved

right button on the nod then lacing

It only shows false, do I do something wrong? It doesn’t work here

“T-00” and “S” do not finally match your sheet.
that’s it?
it correlates to what parameter?

It is the name of the (parameter: Sheet Number), I don’t have another name or number for it. It does export to excel. Do we have to use the “List.RemoveItemAtIndex”?

then replace “” with “sheetnumber”

That only worked with “T-00” or “Z-00” (depends which starts first.) But not both together.