Sort schedule by its type

Hi all

I have schedule of framing with mark values and its type like below.

I want to rearrange the created schedule table in such a way that, I want to have type list (unique items) and corresponding elements mark values in one cell as shown in the excel screenshot.


I want to sort it like the above through dynamo. Please help me out for this

I don’t have a lot of experience with Revit Schedules, but this should help you getting started:

If you want the uniqueitems and the corresponding sublists use the output from the List.GroupByKey node and the List.Sort node instead

Hi @Daan I have already done that. But I want to have the schedule in revit as shown in excel screen shot above.

Just sort by Type with Header option in Sorting/Grouping for Schedule. And turn on Hidden field for Type in Formatting


Hi @denistikhon

If I sort by its type then, only its type will appear. Corresponding Beam markings wont appear in one cell. I wjust want to show all beam markings in one cell and next to that it will have its type.

I don’t think Revit has this option. Maybe you should ask around the Revit Forums.


Hi @shashank.baganeACM …is it possible to do it manuelly ?

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You can’t have it the same as in your Excel as @Daan said.

Pretty sure you CAN have it as a title like @denistikhon said. Sort by Type [1] AND Mark [2]

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