SOLVED - [Very Basic] Create sheets in Revit from Excel




I’m very new to dynamo.

The first thing I would like to achieve is create sheets in Revit that my manager have created in excel spreadsheet. for now just the Sheet number and Sheet name should be enough, other parameters will be learned along the way.

I’ve tried creating the graph, no error message but no sheets created as well.

May I know what mistake have I done?

Thank you very much in advance.



Hi @Ignatius_Victor_Sury

We use the node Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndViews for this.
If you try the Search button in the topright of your screen, im sure you will find lots of post regarding Sheets.
Hope it works for you.



Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus, thank you very much for your reply.

When I use the Sheet.ByNameNumberTitleBlockAndView, the sheets were still not created as follow:

Then I rename the excel file name to suit the content, reload the dyn file that from my previous post and hit Run. and miraculously the sheets were created:

I don’t know why the first time it didn’t worked, but after I rename the excel filename and reload the dyn file, it worked.

I create a new project in Revit, run dynamo, load the dyn file, and it worked again… so… maybe I’m in the very basic right track even though I don’t know why it doesn’t work the first time.

I’ll read some more from other posts…




Hi @Ignatius_Victor_Sury

In general you could say that using spaces in filenames is bad practise.
Ive seen other post here where something didn’t work until the spaces in filenames or foldernames were removed and tada…it worked.


Node to perform "load into Project" action?

Hi @Marcel_Rijsmus

I see, I will note that…
Thank you very much once again, I’ll continue my learning from here to other parameters now…

Best Regards.



Where did you find the Sheets.CreateSheets custom node ?


Where did you find the Sheets.CreateSheets custom node ?


Hi fablabolbia,

If I type in Create sheet in the search box, the first node shown is the Sheets.CreateSheets


Thank you @Ignatius_Victor_Sury, it’s the DynaTools package.


How would you go about adding more information to this script? My office has a Group # and Discipline to organize the sheets in the models. How would I go about adding that to this so that it organizes as well based on other information in the excel file?

EDIT: I figured it out. But now the task is to make it always run with overwriting and/or showing up as an empty list if I add more sheets


Hello, I’m newbie.
I spent 2 hours to do this basic graph and find out that:

  1. The easier way is install the DynaTools package (have node CreatSheets)
  2. No Problem with spaces in file name or folder name, the problem issued by the Program themselves! How I fixed it is change the tittleBlock (Under CreatSheets node) to a different family (wall, door, anythings else except the title block), Press Run, then changing back to the TittleBlock again. Sounds weird but it works!