[Solved] Subdividing a Loft Surface

Hey there guys, So, i have a loft surface, created from 2 circle curves and 1 square polycurve, to create kind of a groovy coming down curtain wall, so what i need is a way of subdividing this surface into squares or even triangles, but i’m trying via adding points to each curve and joining them (i’ve had no luck with that) any suggestions on how can i make it?, here i leave you a couple of screenshots of my project. TLDR: Need to divide a loft surface in squares so i can add an adaptive family to them and make a groovy curtain wall, any ideas? Thanks in advance for the support Have a great one!

Solutions here:


Hi there, I try to create a similar surface in my projects. Where I can loft ellipses and square in order to create surface
like shown in your post. Could you please share with the workflow you are using?
I am new to Dynamo and basically what i want to create is a surface by selected profiles in revit. In my case I have similar to your but with elleipses and square. I will appreciate your help

Hi @Artist

Start a new thread dropping images and drop the references links. This thread is already solved.