Dividing a surface

I have a basic surface (generated through the loft node) and i want to divide it.

When i attach the Divided Surface nodes i get an error.

The output of the loft is a Form so I'm assuming that's where the error is coming from.

Any help would be much appreciated :)


So interestingly enough, when i choose the instance and go back to change some settings the face also loose it's Division.

And then you cant go back and choose the face again.

By the way . . . there isn't much you can do with Divided Surface in Dynamo JUST yet

Hi Daniel,

The output of the loft form is a Form Element, and the divided surface is looking for a surface (I know seems odd when your Form Element is a surface . . .). We are working on some tools to parse out the surface from selected elements. In the meantime you can use the divided surface node on surfaces selected in canvas