Solid.difference does´nt remove the original solids

as a newbie i tried to make a difference with solids.
the code worked but the original solids seems toi be remaining. So in Revit i see both of them in a hollow yellow and not the expected result of a new solid with a cutout.

See the both screenshots.
What i am doing wrong? Is there a special node that converts afterwards to the new solid? or does it not work correctly with revit?
I also tried ImportInstace.ByGeometry but its also not useful. I got somehow the object to look as expected, but coming to export to fbx revit says there is nothing to export.

Hover over a node and right click.
Now you can see the preview option is active.
Disable the preview and the geometry will be gone.
Repeat if needed with other nodes aswell.
Then export or make it a family.

Thanks a lot Marcel,
i got it to work when i used a Family window as the base window for Dynamo. then it is imported as a family and has the appearence that i expected

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