Solid not a solid?

Trying to get all solids in a nested family. (Family editor)
Some solids listing as surfaces. When is a solid not a solid?:thinking:

This part says it is a solid in the part family when I select the geometry.
In the Top-level famliy when i get it’s geomery in dynamo it shows as surfaces.

Imported geometry from SolidWorks using BIMDeX.

Is there a way to convert these to solids?

You could try the OOTB Solid.ByJoinedSurfaces node with your list of surfaces.

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Hi Stephen
just try this out

filter the elements containing the surfaces use polysurface.byjoinedSurfaces node and make into a poly surface first and then use Polysurface.ExtractSolids node now you get a solid geometry then you can convert it into direct shape by using DirectShape.ByGeometry node

It looks to be a problem with Dynamo. The part in question is continuously coming up as a solid when queried in Revit. It only falls apart when being accessed in Dynamo. Any insight on this?
Attached the part file.Browning S T R1 T2 Bushing_2 9375.rfa (344 KB)