Dynamo places solid slightly wrong in Revit

Hey there!

I have a script in Dynamo which generates a Revit-solid based on some 3D coordinates. The script works pretty much as intended, however, the ImportInstance.Bygeometries-node seems to import the Revit-solid slightly below where it is supposed to be. At least that is what I think is happening, as I am not quite sure what the transparent solids which are floating above the Revit-solid is.

Here’s a screenshot of the issue:



Linked or local?

I am not sure what you are referring to here. The script is ran in dynamo and placed in revit locally (on my computer).

had hard time reproducing your case, with limited info / files I get:

  • quite unlikely that you shifted the geometries somewhere in your script.

  • it seems the source of your “3D coordinates” and your current working file are referencing different coordinate system.

I’m probably having the wrong picture based my imagination. I thought it was due to the current file and its link file are referencing different cs.

But, really should’ve given more details, at least a screenshot to your script.

Sorry for the lack of detail. The script is quite large and not perfectly intuitive I think, so I figured i’d just not post it. However, I downloaded a package (“Springs”) with a node called “MyFamilyInstance.ByGeometry” which i replaced the old “FamilyType.ByGeometry” -> “FamilyInstance.ByPoint”, and now it seems to work as intended.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my issue. I’ll mark it as solved.