Solid.ByLoft operation fails

Greetings Dynamo Forum,

i am currently trying to create “excavation solid volumes” starting from the perimeter boundary of lean concrete floor. After i offset - translate - offset the polys i try to Solid.ByLoft but unsuccessfully i get the msg : “Unable to Loft - Bad_Wires” for some of the polys, while most of them do create successfully.

please check the files at this link google drive [rvt file is large and cannot be uploaded here]

dyn core :
dyn revit :
revit 2020.1

Try building the edges the lofts would have using a PolyCurve.ByPoints node. This often identifies the issue which the loft is facing.

just found out that dynamo does not like the seat backs created by auto join / auto cut of elementserr2 .
i unjoined the elements (now they clash but the scripts works !!!)

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